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Empire de Lumiere is a company that at its heart works to bring clients, groups and people from all walks of life together through a wide range of media, arts and community-related events.

It is by working with a strong community ethos we can, together, create wonderful events that truly enrich our lives, no matter at what level we are linked to the event.

To help us achieve our vision we have curated an experienced and passionate group of creative people, each of whom is experts in their own fields. We've come to appreciate that by using these unique skill sets in collaboration, wonderful things can and do happen. 

We hope you can share the journey with the team as we create some truly memorable bespoke events together.


We can help you with your private events, be it a wedding, corporate event, birthday, anniversary, be it small or larger scale let us be your creative partners.


We look forward to hearing from you very soon! 

Meet the team

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